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Track'em for Jesus

Track'em is a program written by an evangelist for evangelists. It is the result of over 20 years of testing, adding and making it do everything you need for accurate and timely information tracking as well as easy data entry and updating.  

Now Available: Track'em© 2.5.51

You can download a fully functional demo copy of Track'em. The only limitation to the demo is the number of records allowed which is 20. If you purchase the full program, you will receive a registration number which will unlock the full capabilities. Email Jac Colon at or feel free to call us (360-985-2961) us if you have any questions, we are anxious to help you Track'em for Jesus.

Download Instructions
The program will only run with Windows 98, XP or higher. There have been some issues with earlier versions of Windows 95. We cannot offer installation support for Win 95 issues. If you are using that operating system, please install and run Track'em Demo first before purchasing it.
If you have previously installed a version earlier than Track'em version 2.x then uninstall your old version first and then complete the full installation of version 2.x. If you already have version 2.x then you can simply use the Track'em update below. You must download and install and purchase the Demo copy of trackem first before upgrading to the latest version.

After the installation is complete, we strongly recommend that you print the manual which will be found in the Trackem folder and then work through the entire Tutorial. The tutorial will walk you through a simulated crusade and use all of the special features of Track'em for Jesus.
Please do not call for technical support until you have read the manual and worked through the tutorial.

Purchase Track'em Now: only $110


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  Here it is, Track'em© version 2.5.84
One Click change the way you Track'em forever! Do it Now!

This upgrade is only for those who have purchased Trackem and have a registration number. If you are upgrading from a version of Track'em prior to 2.2.05, you must uninstall that version and install this version of Track'em!!!!

Install to your Hard Drive (Now Easier than ever!!!)

1. Click "Download Track'em"
2. Select the "Open" Option and wait for the file download to complete.
3. Follow the instructions to Install Trackem. (Insure no programs are running)
4. Trackem will be installed into the folder "C:\Program Files\Trackem
5. Click OK When Done

Save to your Hard Drive or a Writable CD

  1. Click "download to your hard drive"
  2. Select the Option toSave it to your Hard Drive.
  3. Select the folder on your Hard Drive to save the file in.
  4. If you want to save it on a CD then use your software to copy the file "Install Trackem.exe" to a CD
  5. Install from the CD or Hard Drive by double clicking the file
    "Install Trackem.exe"

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Download Track'em Installation



 Update to the Latest Version of Track'em! 2.5.86
Click "Track'em Update" (right) and download the latest update to version. You must have the installation package and have purchased the full product for this upDate to work.

Contains the New Manual! Check it out, especially work through the tutorial!

  1. You will be given the option to Open, Save or Cancel the file. The easiest way is to select the option to Open Option.
  2. Then you can either directly copy the file into the C:\program files\trackem folder overwriting the old trackem.exe file or you can secect the "Extract files" option and navigate to the
  3. C:\program files\trackem folder.
  4. The next time you start Track'em, the new version will be used.
  5. It is not necessary to do a complete installation. Save the file to a safe place when completed.

Version 2.5.86. This version was updated on 5 Oct 2012.

Download Track'em Update

 Track'em Manual
This file when printed out is the manual for Track'em. It is in rich text format, so it should be compatible with most word processors.
We suggest you print it out on your printer.
(The manual is included in the installation package. You do not need to down load it if you are downloading the installation.

Now you can Export your Trackem data files into MS Access. Simply click here and then install the program into your C:\Program Files\Trackem Directory.

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the Manual


Export Track'em

 You must use WinZip to unzip the following files.
If you do not have it, click the logo to the right to download and then install WinZip.
You will enjoy this valuable utility.

You will also need Adobe Accrobat Reader, a free utility to read the files.


Adobe Reader

 Persuasive Influence Without Undue Pressure
State of the art methods for securing decisions for Christ during your evangelistic meetings. The perfect companion for Track'em.

Download PIWUP

Evangelism Preparation Materials

Free materials to use in preparation for an evangelistic series.


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Desert Rain Manual

Desert Rain Sermons

 Power Point Presentations for Evangelism Sabbath School These are the 3 presentations I use for my Sabbath School Class with the new people during the meetings.
Class 1: Nine Keys for Understanding Revelation
Class 2: The Great Judgment Day
Class 3: The Secret Rapture and it's Origin

Class 1
Class 2

Class 3


 Feel free to EMail us if you have any questions or if you need technical support.

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