Jac Colon's Treasury of Revelation Now Materials

This CD contains:

  • A Demo copy of "Track'em for Jesus" Interest Managment Software written by an Evangelist for Evangelists..
  • A Complete copy of "Persuasive Influence without Undue Pressure."
  • "Professional Evangelism Managment," an Evangelism Field School manual containing everything you need to know to conduct a professional evangelism program.
  • Assurance in Witnessing" Manual and Training Guide.
  • Complete set of Jac Colon's Evangelistic Sermons in Microsoft Publisher (camera ready) or Microsoft Word.
  • The Evangelistic Sermons in Bible Marking format for a follow up class
  • Three PowerPoint presentations that can be used for Sabbath School class with interests.
  • Complete set of "Family Moment" PowerPoint presentations by 'dena Colon, along with printed handouts.
  • Many other resources to help in your evangelistic meetings



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