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New in Version 2.5.40

Duplicate Addresses
  1. Now checks the entire address instead of just the first ten characters.
  2. The Address field will automatically change entries in order to standardize them
       for the duplicate address feature to work properly.  For example, Apt # 101
       and Apt. 101 will both be changed to #101.

Check for Phone Numbers and Addresses
  1. Some times people will not give a phone number or have a PO Box but later in the
      meetings might turn in a card with the information on it.
  2. All missing phone numbers will appear with white letters and a dark red
      background.  There will also be a sound like a phone ringing.  This is to alert you
      to look on their card for more information. 
3.  The Address field will be in bold red  letters if it is missing or if there is a
      PO box listed. 

Prayer Request or Comments Report
Track'em will now allow you to enter prayer requests or comments on their cards
into a MS Notepad file which you can easily access from the Tools Window. 
Simply click the button under the Notes box and type the information.  It will be entered along with the individual's Name and Team Number into the file.  You can simply copyt the notes from that note pad file, into an email and send them to your visitation teams.

Additional fixes
1.  Fixed email entry to convert " at " to @.  Simple type a space then the word "at"
      followed by another space and trackem will insert the @ sign with no spaces.
      For Example: 
      jac at will be changed to
2.  After entering a phone number, Trackem will automatically remove any parentheses
     and insert a "-" in the appropriate places.  You do not need to enter the "-"
3.  New Report!  You can now print a list of names of those who have attended at least
     one time in the last three nights and do not have an interest level assigned to them.
     This feature helps to insure that no one falls through the cracks in the last week.
     The lists of names that Need Appointments or Need Baptism Dates set will only
      include those who are interest level A, B or C.  If they have no interest level
      assigned they will not appear on any of those lists.  Use this feature often in the
      last week when you are setting up baptism appointments and dates.
4.  Repaired the backup file option.
5. Various other minor bugs were also fixed.

New in Version 2.5.12

  1. Expanded the number of visitation teams available from 20 to 40
  2. You can select a page number to begin printing.  Simply click the Selection button in the printer dialog and you will be asked to specify the beginning page
  3. Duplicate SDA names and numbers in the Church member file are now automatically deleted.
  4. Fixed some issues with the New Meeting startup process.
  5. Fixed some issues with the Files/ Backup program. 
  6. Fixed a bug in the Visitation Team field it would formally pop you out of the program when you pressed enter..
  7. Fixed various other minor bugs

New in Version 2.4.7

You can now print a list of missing name for a specified number of meetings since a specified meeting number. For example, if you want a list of all who missed the last two meetings since the 15th night, simply:
1. Go to the preview screen.
2. Set the Meeting cut-off number to 15
3. Select the "Missed Last Meeting" option from the "Attendance Lists" menu.
4. Enter the number "2" in the "Select a Meeting to View" box.

Dont forget to either disable or change the Meeting cut-off number after printing the list.

New in Version 2.4.5
- Added a new form to make entering Baptism appointments more user friendly. Just click on Baptism Interview box and you will see the new form. It gives you the option to click the day and time for the appointment. Simply reclick the day or time to remove it.
- Added an new report to print out the appointment schedule. The names are listed by Day and time. It also shows their team number, decisions and phone number.

- Added Notes and email fields to global search. Now you can search these fields.

New in Version 2.4

- Added a new field called "Email." Now you can enter email addresses and export them to be used with a broad cast mailer like "World Cast".   See page 41 in the new manual included with the upgrade.

- Increased the length of the note field from 100 to 150 characters.

- Changed the interface for entering the decisions along with the attendance.  Now you can select to enter the decision in the Decision record, Attendance field, or both.  Check it out at the Attendance Update Tool from the button bar, it is much more user friendly.

- Added the capability to delete names from the preview window.  Click on the name to go to edit mode. Now the delete button and the SDA Menber button is activated.  Click the proper button to remove the name and you will be returned to the preview screen but that name will be gone

New in Version 2.3 Release 105

1. Can update attendance on multiple computers and merge them into the main database.
2. Automatically check your mail lists and make sure you are only printing one label per household.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Duplicate Addresses with different Last Names Report. Formerly
    if there were more than one person at the address with the same name, and
    another person with a different name, It would only show one person with the
    same name and the one with a different name. Now it shows all individuals
    who live at that address.
  • Changed Religion Field to allow typing in name or mouse click. Does not
    show the pop up box any more.
  • Fixed Auto zip on Add Names. It would not let you change the city.
  • Fixed Cancel button on the Total Nights Attended Filter Selection. If
    there was a prior filter selected with no names in it, Cancel would
    give an error.

New in Version 2.3 Release 81

Automatic Pre-Meeting Designation Entry
If you enter a Personal Invitation on the Advertising field and the night is number "1" then Track'em will automatically enter a P into the advertising field for Pre-Meeting Interest.  This is based on the assumption that all invitations are by members for the first night.  Obviously this will not be perfectly accurate because some interests who come from the advertising will invite others to go. It is an approximation and can always be adjusted manually 

Bug Fixes

  • SDA button on the edit screen was not transferring names to the SDA List.  This has been fixed.
  • Option to enter a decision into the attendance record on the night the decision was made was not working properly, but is fixed.

New in Version 2.3 Release 71

Export to Street Atlas Maps
This feature will allow you to export selected addresses to DeLorme's Street Atlas USA.

Export to Pre-Meeting File
Use this feature to export your data from a pre-meeting interest file to a separate file that Trackem uses to automatically fill in the names of prior interests who attend the meeting.
After typing the first and last name Trackem will search the pre-meeting file for a name match. If found , it takes all of the information from the pre-meeting file (phone, address, etc) and enters it automatically into the current record.
To usethis feature:
1. Start a pre-crusade file with the exact same name as the crusade but add the prefix "pre_" (underscore). For example for a crusade file named, "Seattle" you would use (pre_Seattle) as the file name for the pre-meeting interest file.
2. Enter interest names into the pre file.
3. When you are ready to add names into the meeting file, create the new file for the meeting by sellecting the export to pre-meeting file option from the tools menu. This will prepare a special file for data entry into Trackem for the main Crusade file.
4. Enter names as usual into the meeting database. When you press enter or tab after typing the last name, Trackem will look for a match and if found, will automatically enter the information.
NOTE: You must name the crusade file exactly as shown above for this feature to function properly.
The rest is automatic.

New Reports: Interest and Member Numbers
This is a special report that will printout the names and registration numbers of all attendees, both members and interests. It us usually used when there is no means available for securing a registration number from each person. You can print this report out each night and give it to those at registration tables. The interests can go to the table, report their names and the greeter will mark them off as present. You may choose to give them a ticket for the drawing or free literature at the end of the meeting. Then the person updating the files each night simply enters the numbers from the printout.
Interest and Member Tickets
This option will print out a set of tickets which can be used in a nightly drawing. It will print out the names and registration number of those attending that particular night.

New in Version 2.3 Release 45

1. Track your Sabbath Visits. If you use the word "Sabbath" in the sermon title for that sermon, then Track'em will know which meeting you cover the Sabbath. The Need Sabbath Visits option from the Visitation Tools menu on the Print Preview Screen will print a list of the names of those who heard the Sabbath Sermon but have not yet been visited.

2. Baptism Interviews. If you make appointments for interests to interview them for baptism, you can track those appointments with Trackem. When you secure an appointment, check the "Baptism Interview/ Class" box on the main edit screen for that interest. Then you can choose to print the following lists from the Visitation Tools menu on the Print Preview Screen:
a) Baptism Interviews Set
b) Baptism Interviews Remaining
c) Needs Baptism Interview

- Option c will show all names who are A, B or C interest level and do not have an interview set.
-Option b will show those who have appointments but have not yet had their interviews or need additional work to clear for baptism.
- Names will be taken off of the option (b) list after they have been interviewed if you assign a baptism date.
- Names will be taken off of the option (c) list when you check the "Baptism Interview/ Class" box

New with Track'em Version 2.3.0

1. The Printer Cut off setting is now shown directly on the Print Reports menu.
2. You can now view attendance charts in Microsoft Excel. You must have Excel for this option to work.
3. You can automatically make a report in Microsoft Word to show all names and registration numbers using the Mailmerge feature and the Word Template Supplied. You must have MS word for this to work also.
4. Enhanced mail list capabilities. You can select a combination of filters from the preview screen and create a mail list from any possible combination. You can also preview the list or even print out the mail list in list format before printing the labels.
5. We added a duplicate address feature which gives you the option to view all names living at the same address. You can select to further filter the names to only those with different last names at the same address. You can also check for duplicate addresses with different visitation team codes assigned. This prevents two teams from visiting the same home.
6. Added a print feature to the Preview Screen. Now you can print the reports directly from the preview screen.
7. You can automatically save your filter selected in the preview screen when you switch back to the edit record screen. For example if you are looking at the names arranged by interested level in the preview mode, you can check the save filter box and when you close the preview screen you will see the names in the edit mode arranged by interest level. Simply click the Show All button to restore all names into the file.
8. We have just finished two crusades with a large number of visitation teams working with us. This gave us an opportunity to enhance the visitation tracking features. You can now view each team list by simply clicking on the appropriate number at the bottom of the preview window. We added is the capability to enter phone numbers for each team.
9. You can now monitor the visits from the view screen in Track'em.
10. You can Add appointments to your visitation codes (A). When I make an appointment for an interview to clear for baptism, I enter it as an A in the visitation code. For the number, I use the actual date of the appointment. Remember, you can only use two digit numbers for visits. For example, if I make an appointment for an interview on the 6th of the month I will enter it as A06. Use a Capital A, this way you can view the Priority Interest List on screen or paper and instantly tell who has and appointment and who needs to make an appointment.
11. If you use the Baptismal Class check box on the edit screen for each record to show those who have made an appointment for a baptismal interview, then you can select the "Need Baptism Appointment" option from the Preview Screen, Vistiation Tools menu to show a list of those A level interests who have not yet made an appointment to be cleared for baptism. More visitation tools will be coming.
12. Added buttons on the button bar for Stats and Add New Names.
13. Added a button bar label option for button bar. You can show the labels for each button or you can turn off this feature at the preference Option from the Files menu.
14. Added a Switch to Stats or Visitation Stats button to the View Stats Screen.
15. New Preference Screen format with tabs to allow you to easily enter your preference information. Expanded the list of sermon titles to 40 instead of 24.

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