What Others Say About Revelation Now

The book of Revelation changed my life, and Revelation Now is one of the clearest, most powerful explanations of Revelation you will ever hear.” 

~ Roy Drusky, Nashville’s “Grand Ole Opry”

“I left stacks of work on my desk and people in my office, in order to attend Revelation Now. We just couldn’t miss a single meeting.” 

~ A former Ambassador to the United States, Washington, DC

“Revelation Now has revolutionized my thinking. It has given me a new beginning by pointing me to Christ. It is much more than a series of lectures, but a way of life that grows richer and richer.” 

Glenn Lewis, Student, Louisville, KY

"I have attended many studies on Revelation, but I have never heard the Book of Revelation made so simple and clear!"

~ Buzz Manchester, Seattle WA