Revelation Now Schedule

Final Revelation Now: 

Cottonwood AZ with Pastor Bob Lawson

20 September 2019

51 West Mingus Ave, Cottonwood

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Where we have been: 44 years of Revelation Now Meetings

Cincinnati Hills, OK     Jan 1975,   The First Revelation Now!


Castle Rock WA        Apr 2017 with Ben Moor

Lake Havasu AZ        Jan 2017 with Hugh Barton


Morton WA            Jan 2016 with Bob Henricksen

Rapid City SD        Apr 2016 with Darren Purdy

Ukiah CA            Oct 2016  with Eric Williams


Yuma AZ            Jan 2016 with George Boundy

Spearfish SD            Apr 2014 with Jim Kack

Dickinson SD        Sep 2014 with Donavon Kack


Monroe WA            Jan 2014 with Mark Lien

Bend OR            Apr 2014 with Jonathan Pawson

Grays Harbor WA        Oct 2014 with Ryan Whitehead


Stanwood WA        Jan 2013 with Greg Howell

Dickinson ND        Apr 2013 with Donavan Kack

Bonney Lake WA        Oct 2013 with Vince Saunders


Puyallup WA         Jan 2012  with Seth Pierce

Morton WA            Mar 2012 Bob Henricksen

Port Angeles WA         Oct 2012 Jonathan Fetrick


Brookings OR         Jan 2011  with Jose Galvez, 102 Park Ave

Tacoma WA             Mar 2011 with Roland Lehnhoff, 230 S 94th St.

Oak Harbor WA        Sep 2011 with Tim Gebhard


McMinnville OR        Jan 2010  with Lynn Bryson, 1500 SW Old Sheridan Rd

Everett WA            Feb 2010  with Tim Peterson, Federal Road 

Yakima WA            Apr 2010  with Harry Sharley 507 N 35th Ave

Pine Bluff AR            Sep 2010  with Travis Walker


Bend OR            09 Jan 2009  with Jerry Joubert, 21530 NE Butler Market Rd

Pasco WA             27 Feb 2009 With Teddy Shupe, 605 N Road 36

Albuquerque NM        24 April 2009- with Hector Quinones, 4500 Wyoming

Hamilton MT            13 Sep 2009- with Larry Belknap

Chehalis WA            23 Oct 2009 with Daid Glenn at 120 Chilvers Rd


Anchorage AK        12 Jan 2008  with Donavan Kack, UAA Williamson Auditorium

Hermiston OR        29 Feb 08 with Steve Huey, 855 W Highland Ave.

Bozeman MT            18 Apr 2008 with Jim Jenkins, 

Tacoma WA            4 Sep 2008 with Scott Tyman

Prineville OR            24 Oct 2008 with Jose Galvez


Mt. Vernon WA        12 Jan 2007  with Paul Coneff

Missoula MT            23 March 2007 with Alvaro Salza

Mobile AL            17 May 2007 with Gary Tracy

Wenatchee WA        Oct 2007 with Mike and Glenn Aufduhar


Puyallup WA            Jan 2006 with Keith Noll

Kalispell MT            Apr 2006  with Tom Glatts

Medford OR            Sep 2006 - Dan McCullough (Andrews University Field School)

Clarkston  WA (130)    Oct 2005 with Neal Matson


Centralia WA            Jan 2005  1607 Military Road, with Tom James

Sunnyside WA        Mar 2005 with Larry Mays, Mel Ponds and Calizto Ruiz

Boise ID                May 2005 with Dennis Parks

Ridgefield  WA         Sep 2005 with Don Kack (Andrews University Field School)

Bonney Lake WA        Oct 2005 with Ken Parker


Auburn WA            Jan 2004 Riverside High School, with Roland Lehnhoff

Fairbanks AK        Mar 2004 Chena River Convention Center with Odea Sigh

Libby MT            Apr 2004  Memorial Center with Donovan Kack

Roseburg OR        Sep 2004  Roseburg Church with Stan Beerman

Spokane  WA        Oct 2004  Central, Linewood, Joy Spring and South Hill Churches with Jeff Kinne

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