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Revelation Now DVD Set  $160

24 Revelation Now Video Presentations (1 Title per disk) plus Principles of the Eternal Gospel, 'dena's Family Moment, one Gospel Song by 'dena Colon on each disk, plus two bonus Advanced Seminar DVDs.  Also includes the pictured vinyl folder.

Revelation Now DVD Singles  $7.00 each

You can select individual Revelation Now Presentations (1 Title per disk) from the list below.

Notice:  Be sure to enter the Title & Number(s) in the "Add Special Instructions to the seller" box when checking out.

Revelation Now Lessons in Electronic format (PDF Files)

Revelation Now Lessons for Printing  $22

24 Printed Revelation Now Presentations in electronic format (PDF) with unlimited rights to reproduce for Missionary purposes only.  (Watch for an email with the link and password to download your lesson set)

Standing in the Shaking,                                         $7

eBook by Jac Colón

Each person who chooses to follow the Lamb of Revelation, will face a time when their faith will be tested.  This book is about how to stand in that time.

Music By 'dena Colón

CD Album!!  One Day at a Time  $15

Revelation Now Musical Favorites by 'dena Colón.

One Day at a Time, Something Beautiful, Never Give Up, Man on the Street, .... and More!

CD Album!!  On the Wings of a Dove  $15

On the Wings of a Dove, A Sinner Saved by Grace, Victory in Jesus, Precious Lord Take my Hand,  .... and More!

CD Album!!  I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb  $15

Broken and Spilled Out, The Midnight Cry, Crown of Thorns, What a Day that Will be, The Lord's Prayer.... and More!

Hans K. LaRondelle Th. D.   

Meet the man who helped shape my understanding of Bible Prophecy more than any other, except Jesus Christ!  He was one of my professors at Andrews University Theological Seminary.  These scholarly books will give you a treasury of insights into the Word of God.

How to Understand the End-Time  Prophecies of the Bible  $10

e-book by Hans K. LaRondelle Th. D.

A classic scholarly study on the book of Revelation by my favorite seminary professor. This book has caused Bible Scholars around the Globe to change their view of interpretating prophecy to a more Christ centered approach. Now reprinted in E-Book Format.

Deliverance in the Pslams, e-book by Hans K. LaRondelle Th. D.


A scholarly and devotional study on the book of Psalms. Dr. LaRondelle has a way of making the Psalms connect you to the heart of God. You will not be the same after reading this book. Now reprinted in E-Book Format.

Light for the Last Days  e-book by Hans K.LaRondelle Th. D.     $8.00

In the midst of political, spiritual and economic upheaval and uncertainties, many wonder what the future holds. They also wonder what the Bible says about the end time and the purpose of human history. The authors of the Bible recorded their visions about the future in a prophetic language that needs interpretation today. There is a wide gap between their time, place, culture, and language, and those of our Western civilization. This gap must be bridged by a responsible method of interpretation and application to our modern world situation. The author of this book intends to help in bridging that gap.

Christ our Salvation  e-book by Hans K. LaRondelle Th. D.                $8.00

With the pen of a scholar, moved by the heart of a compassionate pastor, Dr. LaRondelle reviews the essential truths of the christian gospel. He does not avoid past problems that have divided the christian church-he faces them with intellectual rigor and Christian joy covering, such subjects as divine election and providence, gospel of reconciliation, justification, sanctification, and glorification are explained. 

Dr LaRondelle writes "The Christian hope to Peter and John was not simply wishful thinking, but a hope that actually purified the Christian life from sinful habits, taking Christ's historical life among men as the shining pattern of holiness and the norm of righteousness."

Special Combo Offer, Both e-books for one low price. 


How to Understand the End-Time Prophecies of the Bible 


Deliverance in the Psalms

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Titles Included in the Revelation Now Sets

#1           Metallic Man Predicts the Future: The Prophecy of Daniel 2

#2           Angel Warfare

#3           The Dragon and The Woman

#4           Israel in Prophecy

#5           Miracles Today

#6           The Antichrist

#7           Unmasking a Conspiracy: Part I

#8           Unmasking a Conspiracy: Part II

#9           The Object of the Antichrist's Attack

#10         Water and the Blood

#11         Three Angel’s Messages

#12         Battle for the Mind

#13         The Lamb Among the Beasts

#14         Mark of the Beast

#15         Life After Death

#16         The Rapture

#17         The Great Judgment Day

#18         The Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Tongues

#19         The Church in Revelation

#20         Babylon Has Fallen

#21         The Last Day

#22         The Unpardonable Sin

#23         Armageddon & You

#24         The Family of God 

 All sets include "Principles of the Eternal Gospel" 

The Expanded Sets include 'dena Colon's "Family Moment"

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