Washington DC        October 82 with Steve Wilsey at Capital Memorial Church

Henderson, KY        September 82 With Clyde Leeds at Hendersonville Church

                        ...('dena painted the baptistry with a mountain scene here.)

Owensboro, KY        July 82 with Clyde Leeds at the Church

Louisville, KY        April 82 with Mel Eisele at Central Church. (8)

Memphis, TN            March 1982 with Don Howe at the Raleigh Church

Pensacola, FL        January 1982 with Milton Hallock at the Church


Mobile AL            Jan 1981 with Jim Greek at Mobile School

Lawrenceburg, TN    Mar 1981with Bill Strong

Memphis, TN            Apr 1981 with Dudley Nichols

Frankfort, KY            Jul 1981 with Fred Caulkins

Nashville, TN            Sep 1981 with Stuarte

Madison TN            Oct 1981 with Bob Hunter


Duncan, OK            Jan 1980 with Arlan Holerud

Weatherford, OK        Mar 1980 with Larry Fletcher    

Westchester, PA        May 1980 with Forrest Howe    

Madison Blvd. TN        Jul 1980 with Myron (22)    

Louisville, KY        Sep 1980 with Mel Eisle (66)

Louisville Southside    Oct 1980 with Louis Brand (40)


Durant, OK            Jan 1979 with Ertis Johnston

Claremore, OK        Mar 1979 with Cecil Harland

Ardmore, OK            Apr 1979 with Larry Zuchowski

Edmond, OK            Jun 1979 with Frank Jenkins

Yukon, OK            Aug 1979 with Jake Knight

Bartlesville, OK        Sep 1979 with Don Fortner

Muskogee, OK        Oct 1979 with Forrest Tenbrook


Sapulpa, OK            Jan 1978 with Jac Colon as pastor    

McAlister, OK        Aug 1978 Michael Weigand

Waggoner, OK        Sep 1978 with Dan McIntosh

Lawton, OK            Oct 1978 with Arlan Holerud

Elk City, OK            Nov 1978 with Christy Taylor


Sand Springs, OK    Apr 1977 with Jac Colon as pastor

Cleveland, OK        Jan 1977 with Jac Colon as pastor at Donna’s Dance Studio


Oklahoma City, OK     July 1975 with Jerry Schnell Youth Meeting

Claremore, OK        Jun 1975 with Jac Colon as pastor

Tulsa, OK            Jan 1975 with Neville Harcombe at Cincinnati Hills Church

                        (The first Revelation Now)

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